The World's First Automated Electric Vehicle Charging System for both Consumer and Commercial Application

New Charging Station Makes EV Ownership Hands Free...
About Autocharge

On-going advancements are a constant to the EV industry, with its primary focus made to the technological improvement of the vehicle and its related components.

Autocharge was created to foster and further develop the charging system infrastructure. A necessity to the progression of the EV industry.

With the emergence of a new era for electric vehicles there are challenges and concerns to EV ownership.

  • *Monitoring of Mileage
  • *Location of Charging Stations
  • *Ease of Access to Charging Stations
  • *Incompatibility of Charging Stations
  • *Inconvenience of Establishing 
  •   Manual Connection
  • *Safety Concerns under Rapid Charge
  • *Account Billing and Management
In both consumer and commercial applications, Autocharge is the first and only solution to address and significantly reduce those concerns present and forthcoming.
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